An Introduction To Mortgage Refinancing


Mortgage refinance has become a very big issue over the years. There are many reasons for the refinancing of properties. One of the major reasons is to less the interest costs with a lower mortgage interest rate. Other reasons include reducing the risk from an adjustable-rate mortgage by switching to a fixed-rate loan, liquidating equity into cash (cash-out refinance), or increasing the loan term and reducing monthly payments. Therefore, the overall cost of mortgage refinance is the mortgage, loan application fees, loan origination fees, and appraisal fees.

In all cases property owners will have to pay these costs, but of course the refinance with a lower interest rate is likely to save more money. By and large, when refinancing for a lower interest rate, the main aspect of analysis is if savings on interest will be greater than the total refinance costs and prepayment penalties. There are loans like fixed-rate mortgages which have a prepayment penalty to discourage borrowers from terminating their mortgage early by paying off the reminder of the loan early.

When there are declining rates, refinancing pays you a lot in many senses. Therefore, one might also want to consider refinancing if he has an adjustable rate mortgage with high or no limits on interest rate increases, and he might also want to switch to a fixed rate mortgage or to an adjustable rate mortgage that limits changes in the rate at each adjustment date as well as over the loans duration.

In the case of traditional refinancing, the basic rule is that your new mortgage must have the interest rate around 2 percent points below the rate of your current mortgage for refinancing to make sense. Still, with the newer low- and no-cost refinancing programs, it can be worth your while to refinance to obtain a reduction in interest rates. With the new refinancing programs, it can be worth your while to refinance to obtain a smaller reduction in interest rates.


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