Best Home Loans in Bakersfield – Meet Dan Ardis – NMLS# 1412272 – 661-342-9381

My name is Dan Ardis and I've been in the mortgage industry since 2003 I actually started it right out of college it was basically the company that I worked for was getting people that had college degrees bringing them in training them intensively to just get them in the building get them working so that was kind of my in to the mortgage business

I actually I had a music degree as I got came out of college but instead I went into the mortgage business In my private life I'm married and I have a son who is 21 months old he runs like a madman around my house I've been married to my beautiful wife Hannah since 2014 and we have a little home in Bakersfield we live work and play here and I'm very heavily involved in my church as well and so I lead a small group in my home and I play music every week so I you know I'm I work on Sunday mornings too which is great I love it and pretty much you can find me either playing music playing with my son or watching sporting events you know hockey Condors games I love the Cal State Bakersfield basketball team and I love watching Angels and Dodgers and the Lakers My favorite thing about working in the mortgage business is being able to take care of people and being there in a really important part of their life, so you know people when they're buying their first home when they're buying another home moving up moving down it's a big part of the process it's a big part of life and it just it's fun to be able to help people and take care of them well through that process because it can be really stressful So it's nice to be able to kind of be the calming factor in that

A big reason that I came to San Joaquin Valley Mortgage is the diversity of the loan products knowing that there's so many more options that I have to get people pre-qualified and the reason for that is because we do hard money loans we also have ton of portfolio products which that basically means, things for folks that have had credit issues in the past So even if you're not perfect which I mean who's perfect anymore right? Even if you're not perfect we can still help you we can still get you in a home and we can have fun doing it at the same time