Discovering a lifetime mortgage with David, Pat and Jean

I’ve lived in this house for 70 years… …and I’ve known David for 70 years also… …yeah… …since he was a baby in his mother’s arms David (laughs) we hadn’t spoken to David for a very long time

I got a phone call from Brian, his next door neighbour… …who’d been keeping an eye on him for all these years, saying that he was in a pretty poor state, he wasn’t coping, and that he needed some help David hadn’t done anything at all towards the maintenance of the house, so it was a complete wreck The roof wanted repairing The walls were soaked with damp which was hazardous We found an old address book and we found that Jean and Pat were the nearest to David He said he’d like to get in touch with Social Services, but not being a relative, he couldn’t, and would we be willing to get involved? They were very willing, cos they realised that David couldn’t cope any more cos the house was in a dangerous state

First of all, the upstairs electricity wiring developed a fault Then the water pipe had to be replaced David needed the whole house refurbished He had no money There was just nothing we could do

We actually thought he might have to sell the house and just go into rented accommodation, ‘cos the state of the house, he wouldn’t have had enough money to buy anything decent around this area We were in a fix We certainly were Yeah And we had sleepless nights about it, we’ve been in tears about it, cos we just didn’t know… …where to turn… …where to turn, what to do

And then fortunately… (laughs) you got a phone call I was relieved… cos I mean, not for us so much but for David, cos he’s lived in this house all his life …doesn’t know anything else, doesn’t want anything else And they just said that it was going ahead, and that Legal & General were interested We were very relieved when they said they would do it we certainly were

Yeah I think David’s aware that it looks very nice now, the house It’s been re-roofed, re-plastered And meeting up with his cousins again, Jean and Pat, it’s been very good for him mentally We look forward to him living a good life from now onwards