Is a Refinance Mortgage a Good Idea?


Very few people are able to own a home without utilizing mortgage home loans. These loans are, for most people, the largest debt they will ever be associated with and the process of getting a home borrowing is often one of the most stressful things people experience. And, when it comes time to refinance mortgage loans, the same also holds true.

Just about anyone who purchases a house is pretty much destined to labor under the weight of mortgage payments for at least 30 years, which is the life of the most common mortgage loans. Sometimes, the length of a home loan can be reduced or stretched out even longer depending on the needs of the homeowner and what they are trying to accomplish through their mortgage refinancing.

There are any number of reasons why people refinance mortgage loans. One very common reason is divorce. In many cases one person moves out and the other wants to remain in the home. When this happens it makes a lot of sense to get the mortgage refinanced if possible.

Refinancing a home loan in this situation will insure that the house is only in the name of the one staying in the house. It will also serve to pay off the previous mortgage so that the other person is no longer under under the terms of the old home financing arrangements. In many cases, the house refinancing is taken out for an additional 30 years to make the payments manageable for the newly single person.

One of the most popular reasons why people choose to refinance mortgage home loans is because there has been a drop in loan rates in the home financing market. Often a family can end up saving hundreds of dollars every month even if the interest rates have only dropped half a percentage point, depending on the size of the loan. This often makes it an easy financial decision to spend a few thousand dollars on loan fees in order to save that much each month.

Many times the home loan lenders offer special incentives to encourage people to refinance their mortgage by waiving the closing costs, appraisal fees and other costs associated with refinancing. In these cases, it is simply a matter of doing the paperwork and then enjoying the lower monthly payments.

People often take advantage of the combination of lower interest rates and no closing cost loans to refinance their mortgage for a shorter time period. Many times people who have 20 to 25 years left on their original mortgage can get a refinance loan with lower interest rates. They take a 15 year mortgage and end up paying about the same monthly payment. This way they can cut many years off the life of the mortgage and will be able to enjoy a house that is free and clear much sooner.

Another reason why people are motivated to refinance their mortgage is to pay off their other debts. They can accomplish this if they have earned a good amount of equity in their house. When doing their refinancing, they can borrow more than the balance of the original home financing.

When people use part of the proceeds from their mortgage loan loan, this is often considered a debt consolidation loan and it is a smart way to manage debts and pay them off sooner.

Since the high interest consumer loans are being paid off with a lower interest, the payment will go down, or the borrower can pay the same amount they were accepted to paying and just pay the debt off that much sooner. Another benefit is that the interest on the refinanced mortgage is tax deductible whereas the consumer loan interest is not.


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