Legal & General Lifetime Mortgage TV Advert – March 2018

So, it turns out I’m still here… Something of a surprise to my band mates I certainly lived the life, but now I’ve got more living to do

So when an old pal told me my ‘ouse could help me and my other half enjoy our retirement … We spoke to a financial adviser who told us that a lifetime mortgage a type of equity release could help …It turns out it could give us tax free cash to spend on the things that WE love whether that’s improving our home, helping our family or taking the band on tour! Who’d have thought eh?! (Laughs)” If you’re over 55 and a home-owner, you could release some of the cash tied up in your home using a Legal & General Lifetime Mortgage To find out how much you could release, go online and try our easy to use calculator or call us to request your free guide

You could be sitting on savings you never knew you had