Mar18 Mortgage Market Update & How to Reduce your Home Loan

Hi everyone, apparently I've been let out for good behaviour! So, March RBA announcement, no change – no change was expected, currency still lower than they would probably wanted to be lower wage growth Softening property prices driven by the regulator and just the time of year There's lots more property on the market, so there's no need to move and there won't be this year So says the market Four weeks ago the market thought that there would be rate rise towards back into the year But they're now betting there will be well into next year

A little bit of movement on fixed rates We're seeing they're moving both ways so make of that as you will Point one up, point one down – just depends on the land on the competitive positioning Now I this month I posted a really good blog It was top tips to reduce your home loan Number one was get the right product in the right lender Don't just chase the interest rate Let's look at the overall structure based on your life And your lifestyle Number two review your loan every two to three years You change the market changes so if in doubt, just shoot me a screenshot with the balance and the rate And I'll give you a call And we'll talk through it

Number three, using offset Get your salary into the offset, your savings into the offset It'll reduce your loan term Number four credit cards – they're great, but use them very wisely I hope you have a great March and See you next month Bye