New Year, New Loan Limits – 2018 San Diego Mortgage Limits

Hi, this is Shanne Sleder with RWM Home Loans and San Diego Mortgage Newscom I wanted to take a few moments and just point out some of the benefits that San Diego home buyers and homeowners will see in 2018 with the new lending limits that just went into place I don't want to get into a lot of numbers right now if you want more details on that feel free to read my blog below but a few things I wanted to point out the new conforming loan limits across the nation has gone up to $453,100, the high balance, VA, FHA loan limits for high-cost areas like San Diego has gone up to $649,750

This is going to be a huge benefit for homebuyers in San Diego because now you may be able to qualify for one of those programs instead of having to go with a jumbo loan which traditionally carries stricter underwriting guidelines higher reserve requirements and in many cases higher interest rates imagine being able to buy a home using a FHA loan in San Diego County with a purchase price of $673,000 and putting as little down as $23,550 and that can all come from a gift this is going to really help home buyers in San Diego now if you're a current homeowner in San Diego there's good news for you as well you may now be able to take that second that you've been wanting to pay off and combine it with your first and pay both those off with these new loan limits or maybe you have a lot of home equity and you want to pull out some money for home improvements or to pay off some high credit card debt now with these higher loan limits you can have more access to your home equity be able to pay off those high interest credit cards and get that into a lower interest rate if you'd like more information please feel free to contact me at 619-312-0612 or fill out the information on my website below and I'd love to contact you and have a discussion thank you very much wwwSanDiegoMortgageNewscom