Required Documentation for a mortgage loan | Chris Trapani 310-350-2546

hey this is Chris Trapani the mortgage Pro you know people ask me what kind of documentation we need well here in 2018 we need a lot of documentation because if we can't prove it on paper than it doesn't exist so for income here's what we do if you have a job we're going to need two years income taxes once in a while we won't need them depending on the circumstances we do need two years w-2s and one month's pay stubs that's how we're gonna prove your income if there's two borrower's obviously we need both as far as assets we work with two months bank statements two months of every single page sometimes people send me five of the six pages and they say well this one says intentionally left blank we need that too otherwise how do they know it said intentionally left blank so we need documentation as far as other assets maybe you have stock accounts 401ks just send us the latest statement of those will determine what we need as far as those things we always need a driver's license and a social security card because we have to prove who you are to the government the Patriot Act requires us to do that now there's other documents that sometimes depending on the situation somebody's had a bankruptcy we need those paperwork's if they receive child support or pay child support or alimony we need those paperwork's the divorce decrees that prove what those numbers are so everybody's situation is a little bit different and we have to evaluate everybody's circumstance separately so what we need from you will be different from what you cause and Charlie had to give when he got his loan so sit down with me we'll evaluate it we'll go through your life story or your financial story for the last couple of years and that's how we determine what we need to do to help you fire your landlord and buy your own house