What Is A Reverse Mortgage? | Chris Trapani 310-350-2546

hey this is Chris Trapani the mortgage pro people ask me all the time about reverse mortgages well they are for the consumer who is 62 years old or older now here's what it can do it can stop the mortgage payments when you would only be responsible for the taxes and the insurance on a monthly basis so pretty cool thing stop the mortgage payments it's available you need some equity in order to be able to do it but here's something else that people don't realize sometimes I sit with families they're making $2,000 a month on Social Security and this struggling to make a mortgage payment simple scenario I was able to help this couple stop the mortgage payments and they had enough equity where it was paying them $1,000 a month now people say yeah I don't quite like that well look somebody's got to pay that interest and contrary to popular opinion the house is still yours so if you decide to sell or refinance whatever the equity is leftover is still yours so call me Chris Trapani I'll help you I'll evaluate for you and with you and together I'll help you make a great decision