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MIKE MIKE MIKE MIKE MIKE Guess what day it is? [it's hump day] WOOT WOOT It's Wednesday, I'm Dan on your inside team at Growella, and this is today's Mortgage Minute-and-a-Half Yes, mortgage rates are higher but that's not stopping builders from feeling the feelings

The good ones They're feeling 'em More than ever before for a February, according to the National Association of Home Builders The group's monthly Housing Market Index which measures the confidence that builders have in future of US

housing, just set an all-time record for the month of February, clocking in with a reading of 72 out of 100 Higher numbers mean more confidence, and that sets off a cycle which could result in you paying more for your next home that's newly-built Confident builders expect to make sales A lot of them And, that means they're less likely to give concessions on price, on closing costs, and on bonus items like free upgrades to your kitchen

If you're planning to buy a home sometime later this year, consider moving up your timeframe Mortgage rates It's wild out there Rates are down so far in this holiday-shortened week, giving a brief respite on the trend of higher rates since January 1 Rates for Fannie Mae- and Freddie Mac-backed loans are lower right now, and the same for FHA loans, VA loans, and USDA loans

So what are today's mortgage rates? That's going to depend on you, your credit score, and your home It will also depend on what you do with closing costs Loans with fees get access to lower rates than loans with costs paid for by your lender and there's no best way to put it all together Talk to your lender about the structure that makes the most sense for you When you pay your mortgage each month, you're paying more than just your mortgage loan

You're paying your taxes and homeowners insurance, too; the inclusion of which is known by the industry term escrow As in the "escrow" if your taxes and insurance When you escrow your taxes and insurance, your mortgage statement each month includes a one-month proration of both your annual real estate tax bill and homeowners insurance premium, which your lender lumps into a single payment known as your PITI Principal, interest, taxes, and insurance The principal and interest is the amount you pay your lender

Your taxes and insurance, meanwhile, get held in a separate account and disbursed when your tax and insurance bills come due Lenders like when people escrow because it's risk prevention Your home's tax bill gets paid on-time without issue which helps avoid foreclosure, and your home's insurance policy remains in effect which protects against loss Homeowners who choose to escrow often get breaks against their mortgage so be sure to check with your lender Growella does mortgage news three times weekly

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