Why Refinance – Sales Development Manager, Tim Whitmire – First Integrity Mortgage Services

Why should you refinance? Hi, I'm Tim Whitmire I'm a Senior Mortgage Banker with First Integrity Mortgage

There are many reasons to refinance A refinance can be used to lower your monthly payment, eliminate PMI, reduce your payment term to pay off your home sooner, pay for school loans, consolidate credit card debt, finance home improvements, etc Did you know that you do not need equity in your home to finance home improvements A renovation mortgage allows you to borrow against that the as-completed value of your home This is the future value of your home, after all the renovations are completed

What is your goal? I would love to help you find a sound financial solution Please feel free to call me today, or anytime to answer questions that you may have to help you with your mortgage needs I'm here to help! The best way to reach me is on my cell phone at (314) 402-8184 Or at TimW@FirstIntegritycom

I look forward to working with you!